Beard Oil or Balm... Which one is for you?

I know there is a lot of beard products out there to pick from and like most, who even knows where to start on the adventure of what product do you really need. When you have beard oil and a balm they are very close products for uses but made up differently. Since both of these products are used to moisturize your beard which one is the right one for you.

First let me start by saying the most important part of the equations is YOU! Yes it comes down to what is your personal preference. So lets see what you need to keep in mind when picking your product. Is your beard long, short and maintained? What kind of skin do you have? Is it dry, really oily? Do you want a nice shiny finished looked or is keeping it matte you thing? Honestly, I am the type of person to tell you that you need both especially if you wanted to answer yes to all those questions. Let’s cut to the chase and really look at what each of these products do!

Beard Balm is great for the MAN beard. You know the one that is medium to large and for those with drier skin. All that hair on your face will dry out the skin below because the hair is stripping your skin of its natural oils. Balm has a higher viscosity so this allows your thick beard time to absorb the oils. Balm will sit on your skin and hair longer than a oil does before it is absorbed. Balm will give you just enough hold to comb down those crazy hairs ( you know the ones that poke your wife when you kiss her), also used to shape your mustache and even can be used on your sideburns. It’s always an extra knowing you can use your beard balm on your ashy elbows and we have even had a few of our customers tell us how they use it on their tattoos! Now lets look at beard oil.

Beard oil is what every man needs in the start of growing you beard. It will help you with those dry flaky skin moments and help calm that itchy phase all men face when you have a few days of growth. Beard oil is liquid so it hydrates the skin in shorter beards because it meets the skin faster than balm does. Oil is taken in my the skin and hair quicker so it gives you a matte finished compared to balms that leave you with a nice shine. Make sure to be using a comb to move the oil through your beard so it is even and smooth.