Clay's in soap and their known properties

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What I love about our soap products is how we take natural products and add them to give benefits to our soap. The first clay we like to use in our soap is Kaolin Clay. Kaolin Clay is a white fluffy clay that is good for masks and scrubs. This is what helps gives our soaps that silkiness and creamy feel and also helps our fragrances last longer. Kaolin Clay is great for sensitive skin types. It has been known to exfoliate dead skin cells, treating acne and soothing irritated skin. Kaolin Clay has been known to help stimulate blood circulation in the skin and there for will help fight skin inflammation. You can find Kaolin Clay in deodorants, shampoos, lipsticks, and lotions. This clay is rich in potassium, titanium and silicon elements which catalyze the formation of collagen.


Bentonite is also a great additive we enjoy using. Bentonite is a light green clay that is composed of volcanic ash and comes from the largest known deposit in Fort Benton, Wyoming. This clay is highly absorbent and great for oily skin. It is great added to shave soaps for its slipperiness to give that smooth shave feel allowing your razor to “slip” across your skin. Bentonite clay carries a negative charge which is known to bond to the positive charge in many body toxins. This clay is a common product used in detox or cleansing products which helps cells get ore oxygen. Bentonite is made up of silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and potassium.


Rose Clay would be another favorite used. Rose clay is a medium weight clay that is used for its beautiful rose color. Other added benefits of this clay is it silkiness, slip and absorbency it adds to soap. Rose Clay is rich in silica which helps improve your skins elasticity and cell renewal. It helps promote a balanced complexion and minimizes blackheads. Rose clay is also known to help reduce inflammation from skin conditions such as acne.

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